About Us

In order to precisely provide for the needs of the citizens, the Toyama Prefectural Agricultural, Forestry & Fisheries Research Center debates the change, diversification and advancement of agriculture, forestry and fisheries. April 1st, 2008 marks the integration of the Center's experimentation and research on agriculture, forestry and fisheries systems.
Through a stricter focus on areas of investigation into fields with common ties, solutions to present-day issues and forward-looking issues in agriculture, forestry and fisheries in Toyama are being addressed.

〈Direction of Experiments and Research〉

  1. Sponsoring safe agriculture, forestry and fisheries and establishment of "The Toyama Brand"
  2. Dynamic and stable creation of production foundations and productivity improvement
  3. Regional resource cultivation and environmental protection
  4. Development of Hilly and Mountainous Areas
  5. Promotion of technologies developed for making giant leaps forward in the agriculture, marine products, forestry and food industries.